AlphaStyle SS21 - STAY STRONG - The Ninth Collection

AlphaStyle SS21

AlphaStyle‘s “Stay Strong” Spring/Summer 2021 collection is, like all of the brand’s past collections, rich with exquisite craftsmanship, with a focus on the techniques and fabrics utilized to create key garments. The new collection is a continuation of the cues that make the brand popular among devotees, with a rich assortment of patchwork constructing pieces and oversized build.

Once again the detail-oriented label looks to the traditional military and retro sportswear for influence, all the puzzle-like designs required a great deal of work to assemble - one jacket alone demands over 10 different fabrications.

The range employs all of the predominant staples that one would expect from the artisanal brand, including heavy needled reinforcement, distressed overwash, and reminiscent hand stamped detail that creates a decidedly aged aesthetic. This time around, AlphaStyle utilizes premium substantial cotton fabrics to construct the workwear silhouette, which dates back to feudal times, incorporates military-inspired details, and along with an impressive level of durability.

Unleashing its Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Ivan Chan’s AlphaStyle delivered a durability-focussed take on its latest collection, for last long, and “Stay Strong”.